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2001-04-30.7:36 p.m.


Ok, some of you - especially one or two of you (i'm not naming names) might be wondering what's with all the poetry? Well I was asked to write some companion poems for an artist friend of mine, and since this is my journal - where I seem to put all of my writing - whether it sucks or not, I put my first drafts here. These are them:

King Jupiter

(the artist) painting the poet


Hopefully soon I can remember to relate the story of when my ex-girlfriend managed to let lose my african grey parrot that ended up in (you guessed it) a trip for me to the emergency room!

That's a knee slapper.

of course i'm drunk off of 3 rolling rocks because I havn't drank in a while and I havn't had any dinner, so what the hell do I know?

Yep, johnpowers is drunk and horny - it's gonna be my new slogan. That and bite me on the Krelbo

new old this that

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