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I was wrong

I admit it whenever I realize it, and I was wrong about last night's show. Man was a wrong.

I along with Gary Mel Bernard, Jared, Vegan Scott, and Grasshopper did a demo slam last night at Kingstown HS. It was supposed to be in a cafeteria, and our contact at the High School was extremely excited, so of course I assumed it would be a lame low attended show.

But No.

There were over 300 students crammed into that cafe to see my little demo slam.

3 freeking hundred freeking students.

All rapt, all paying attention. There was absolute silence while the poets were reading, and hooting howling cheering clapping screaming girls openly pining about not being older so they weren't jail bait, and boys wishing they could be cool poets like us - afterwards.

Well, I can't vouch for the cool poet and jail bait thoughts from the students, no one actually came up to me and TOLD me that, but they were a great crowd. They were a raucous crowd. They were a crowd.

We've already told them we'd do the show next year.

Today I am going to a Providence College verses Boston College basketball game at the Dunkin Doughnut Center.

I was given two free tickets by my boss and since people he knows are going to be in my row, I have to go myself instead of my friend and his son. You see, I originally intended to give the tickets to Ray and his son Tim because I thought it would be fun for them to catch a game.

I walked into my bosses office, said I would take the tickets he offered to the department through email, and he said sure. No one else replied yet, so I took them. Then he tells me about the people he knows in the row.

I said FUCK right there in his office but I said it inside my head, so I still have my job.

So now I have to go to a basketball ball game in an arena named after breakfast pastry and coffee, I can't take Ray because he is with his son, and so I am taking my DJ from the slam.

Ah well, I'm sure they don't even serve beer there, I'm sure it's all coffee and doughnuts at the Dunking Doughnuts Center. I'm sure.

Anyway, I have to shower, drink something with caffeine in it, and get into some clothes that aren't sweat pants and a sweat shirt.

Smoke em if you got em.

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