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Yesterday's Basketball game was interesting.
Instead of my bosses friends showing up and having to sit next to them, my boss and his son were sitting next to us.

It's a good thing I actually went. Boy would he have been pissed if I wasted the tickets.

As it was, we were about 45 minutes late and got there 5 minutes before the first period was over.

Parking in this city is such a pain. We would have only been there 10 minutes late or so, but we ended up parking a 10 minute walk away and we drove for a while before that.

"How exciting, John's parking woes."

"Bite me."

After the game, Chris and I went to Nick-A-Nee's - our favorite dive bar. It's such a good dive bar it trancends dive bar status.

We ate some dinner, had a beer, and then I came home and worked on

I coded so it's like a ghetto diaryland or more specifically - like a geocities - without any ads.

You can sign up and get 250K worth of free space to upload your poetry. Once you get a page in your 'poet space' all set, I review all the new additions and add them to the directory.

I have the discussion boards set up and working.

The About page is done.

Big ass poetry schedule - done.

About the only major thing I have left to do is fix the art pics sections and then to do something with the voting booths.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

new old this that

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