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My girlfriend, my cat, and an opossum crossing the road.

Today is a beautiful day in so many ways.

The sun is out, its warm, very warm, it's so warm I'm not cold - for once - and Jen is coming home from England today.

Christ I missed her.

I've cleaned the house, done the dishes, all of the laundry is done, I've eaten every last bit of food in the pantry, fridge, freezer and we have a new pet. A city opossum.

She should be glad to be back...

even with a rabid flea infested ugly ass animal hanging around outside every night.

You didn't think I'd let a beast like that in my house did you? My cat would certainly enjoy it, but if I gave into everything he wanted I'd have ordered the bionic thumbs a while ago.

Every time I seem to go outside at night lately I've seen this huge opossum. This schnauzer sized opossum. This scurrying huge assed schnauzer sized walking dead creature of the night looking opossum hanging around my neighbors houses. Last night I was out on my back porch because the front was just too cold, smoking a cigarette, and I watched the obscene beast (I think I'll name her OB) running down the sidewalk across the street. She heard a car coming, so she ducked around the corner of a wall. Waited for the car to pass, and then ran across the street right towards me. I moved my arm to take a last non rabies infected drag, OB saw me, and then she just sauntered to the neighbors back yard.

Saturday night she was in my back yard eating the trash my neighbor left out.

Two night's ago the cat was going nuts and I saw it right outside my back door.

Either OB wants to come in for a bath or an evil ex girlfriend of mine died, has been reincarnated, blames me, and is now out to get my ass.

I'm betting its the former.

Ok, enough about me and my wildlife problems.

Check out my newest favorite site: Ninjai!

Have a fine day.

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