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The Freedom Rider

an Ode Haiku to "The Freedom Rider"

If you're a fanatic and you know it
clap your hands.

I walked outside with the intention of getting my morning caffeine. I was walking around in a pair of shoes made for walking with my hair under a cap keeping it from trying to escape my head.

It was 2pm on a Saturday and I was strolling down Thayer and it showed I needed the coffee.

A nice looking lady in a homeless outfit asked me if I wanted to sign up for a donation for her shoot up for the night fund. My house was her office.

"I sleep in a van down by the river." I told her.

"I'll put my finger in your ass." she said.


"Down by the river?" she said.

"Down by the river."

I flapped my invisible wings of freedom towards Dunkin Doughnuts, and circled the entrance like birds in Australia trying to rape a grain silo. Kept going, and headed for Ocean Coffee Roasters. Dunking Doughnuts is being remolded.

There was a nice looking girl at OCR. I signed some forms, gave a blood sample and ordered my coffee and spinach bagel. I played with a napkin and my nose. She took a bagel and cut it in half.

I rolled around outside eyeballs like a human pinball, reeling from one shouting neon blood vessel to another, and then had to leave with my cup and bag.

"Hey" I said to the old skateboarder standing at the top of the stairs.

"Hughf" he said.


"Down by the river?"

"I have to go now."

I went back to talk to the homeless outfit lady, but she was eating a man.

A headache called, so I went back to beat it.

"I got your number" it said.

Good brain.

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