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Yesterday I woke up, showered, walked to work, worked, went home, sat there, some friends (Dave and Ray) came over, we sat there, they left, I sat there some more, and then went to bed.



Tommorow I have to take a seminar for three days, so expect updates to happen around 5 PM eastern time if you're a day reader.


I'm actually working on a new poem. It's about media, as opposed to The Media, which in reality is not a 'THE' at all. You can say the sky, but not the media. Media is a thing, not a them. Anwyay, it probably sucks right now and is long, so for once I'll actually post a poem here after I work on it a bit instead of in first or second draft mode. °

Oh, here's something interesting I ran across in the news:

Meanwhile, ABC’s statements
Monday failed to mention 
“Politically Incorrect With Bill 
Maher,” which the network is 
expected to cancel later this year 
because of advertiser reaction to 
politically incorrect comments by 
Maher. An ABC spokesman declined 
comment on the show’s fate.
Yes... ABC is going to cancel Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher because of politically incorrect comments by Maher the host, which in my opinion is further proof that most marketing execs need to be taken into thier executive washrooms and shot.

"Let's advertise on politically incorrect, and insist they say only politically correct things!"

"Excuse me sir, but could you please throw me out of the window?"


"Ok, then there's something I need to show you in the washroom..."

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