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Ahh the seminar

The Weather in Hell

Ah but how was the weather in the Business Writing and Grammar skills class I had to attend for the last two days?

My day job is in business, my passions are in poetry. I write, read, edit, publish, record, show, perform, host and generally use poetry as a means to keep me from cracking the window of my office cube with my office cube chair and office cube jumping, so feel free to guess.

Here's a hint: it was worse than various ill smelling liquids
and what does poetry have to do with grammar?

Why is everything centered?

No reason I guess.

One thing in class I relearned was how bad passive phrases can be which inspired me to come up with some GotPoetry stickers to hand out at my slam. So let me know what you think.

My heart was left in San Francisco.

Frankly, my dear, a damn isn't given by me.

She never really loved you.

Milk Sucks.

Ugh. It's too nice out to write. GO OUT SIDE!

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