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So... what is going on.

Jen bought a chair on schtickle (sp.) from Crate and Barrel the other day. She works there as a manager since the bottom fell out of the web design market, and they have a policy that if a product is returned and damaged and thus not re sellable, they can offer it to employees at a steep discount.

This wooden chair thingy is nice and the only damage is a missing piece of molding (that you can't see unless you look for it) beneath one of the arms.

I think its a 300 chair and she paid 75 dollars for it.

How exciting. I pay most of the bills, she buys things.

What else?

Ahh, why didn't anyone tell me that my web cam was picking up my computer's TV tuner image instead of the web cam?

For days I've been broadcasting channel 3 from Cox Cable 1 frame every 10 minutes. It must have been fascinating.

Perhaps no one watches the web cam. That would be understandable as it's usually pointed at my fish.

The two original fish by the way, are getting fat. I can't add a fish to the tank as it would die within a week - just as the last two have - but these two fatties are doing great.

I had the slam last night. It was snowing like hell and while the entire night was surprisingly well attended audience wise, there were only 3 people who wanted to compete in the open slam.

A new woman named Brenda did a great job, and Rachel from the Boston Cantab won when Bernard went over time to the tune of 4 minutes 12 seconds (which equals minus 3.5 points) and lost - even after getting two 30's during the night.

Saying he was slightly aggravated by the rules is like saying Pamela Anderson is slightly infected with Hepatitis C.

The Youth slam was great. Matt R, Laura, Sage-X, and Vegan Scott made the team, Argo Cabal took the alternate spot.

CR Avery was a good feature. He ran a little long, but someone (*cough* *cough*.. Jared) gave him the wrong advice on time, so it's not his fault.

I shot video that night and as soon as I can take a nap I'll be posting it to

I have Slam Masters coming up. It's a yearly meeting in Chicago of all the slam masters from around the country. Last year was fun. Go back a year in the archives of this site and you can read about the time I passed out in a Chicago dive bar and lost my glasses for 12 hours.

Ahh, memories.

My uncle is helping me build some custom bookshelves for my dining room. I know I know, dinner and books don't exactly belong together, but if you were to see it, you would have to agree the dining room would just look better with giant book shelves.

Thanks to everyone who liked my Multi-multimedia poem and let me know that they liked it.

I read it last night aloud for the first time and it went over well. I have to tighten it up a lot and rework a few sections, but that's my normal process.

I had several people come up to me last night and tell me they read my journal only for the horoscopes. People I didn't know were reading this here site of doom. How fucking profound are you johnpowers?

Very profound.

I miss seeing more people I know at the slam. Its a strange thing that so many of the poets who performed are not around any more.

Part of it is my fault for never getting out any more. Never getting to other readings.

Part of it is the direction the slam scene has been going. There have been a lot of hip hop poets slamming these past two years, and some people feel they can't compete. Which is ridiculous.

I'm sure there are poets that don't come because of me. I can think of at least two - Kevin Paide (D.I.) being one of them. What can I do about it though? Apologize a third time for pissing them off?

Well I have great audiences and the house is always full, so I guess now that the audience is taken care of I'll have to concentrate on attracting poets again.

Sometimes running a slam is too much like work. Sheesh.

Anyway, I rescued a plant from a manager's office. It's a huge palm that was about dead. Covered in chalky white stuff (I'm not asking) it had no real light, it was shriveled, and smelled faintly of elderberries.

Now it's taking up almost 1/5 of my cube. Which is a lot since my cube is about the size of a... well... small cube.

This weekend I plan on sneaking into work and stealing it home.

My cat should love me.

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