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who says therapy is expensive?

johnpowers has an disembodied theraputic oracle and a posse.


Talk to a Therapist Online! Now you can talk with a psychotherapist for personal counseling from the privacy of your own computer. Using the Internet, this professional counselor can not assist you in forming effective helping relationships with people like you. This is the only independent guarantee-less therapist and counselor who provides help over the Internet - through artificial intelligence. Is “the johnpowers disembodied therapeutic oracle” the right choice for me? How can I protect myself from “quacks”? Will my online counseling be private? How much does "the johnpowers disembodied therapeutic oracle" cost? How do I compare e-therapist qualifications? Ask the online oracle therapist if you're worried about it. Are there any issues you should know about? Before you consult a therapist online, there are some things you need to know. We’ll choose not to tell you what to consider when talking with a therapist online. Online counseling - “"the johnpowers disembodied therapeutic oracle"” - is when an artificially intelligent professional counselor or psychotherapist talks with you over through the Internet, to give you some kind of mental health assistance or emotional help. It should be an ongoing conversation through the interface provided. Just start by saying hello. "the johnpowers disembodied therapeutic oracle" is not a viable alternative source of help when even traditional psychotherapy is not accessible. It’s not effective. It’s not that bad, hey it is private. It’s conducted by an unskilled, unqualified, unethical non professional algorithm. And for some people, it's the only way they can get help from a "therapist." The johnpowers disembodied therapeutic oracle is not psychotherapy. It should not be compared to psychotherapy. It is not a substitute for traditional psychotherapy. Working with a therapist in person is still better. But many people cannot or will not see a therapist in person. the johnpowers disembodied therapeutic oracle is a form of counseling which, though it falls short of full-fledged real psychotherapy, is still a marginally effective source of help. "the johnpowers disembodied therapeutic oracle" doesn't even directly address a major problem uncovered by the Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health (1999) which stated that while one American in five has a diagnosable psychological problem, nearly two-thirds of them never seek treatment. Managed care and the mental health industry sometimes make it difficult for people to get the care they need. When traditional systems fail them, many people are turning to the Internet.

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