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Is that a blockage in your intestine or do you just look like hell?

So my friend Ray Davey is in the hospital. I took a little extra time for lunch to go see him.

He has some sort of intestinal obstruction resulting from scar tissue or something from a surgery he had back in 1996 and he should be out of the hospital in two or three more days. Trust me folks, a hard life will eventually catch up with you.

So I went to the hospital – which I hate – and now before the slam I have to round up another person to help me out with running the thing, and I need to collect all of my duplicate books of poetry so I can have a stocked “book store” at the slam.

I put book store in quotes because the Providence Poetry Slam “book store” consists of a small suitcase from the 40’s with a cracked handle. Hey, when you have to carry as much crap as I do to every show you tend to think light.

With my luck this new slam store is going to take off and I’ll be lugging 300 pounds of paper and CD’s to every show.


Last night I had practice with the youth slam team. It went well except that two of the members didn’t show. Aggravating. But I’m sure they have a valid reason.


Well, I have a ton of stuff to do today – as well as eat lunch and dinner. If I have time I plan on getting an early start on the horoscopes I write every friday. Last week I forgot to include food suggestions. Darn, where's my head at?

Anyway, peace out and send a word (or two) to your mothers...

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