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Damn, I've had the longest day at work in recent memory. This is going to have to be short. If it's not my eyes are going to fall out and roll onto my keyboard.


Eyeless. That's where.

I'm a programmer, but besides writing new programs and modifying old ones, I also have to support my companies banking applications.

Banking apps. These are crappy programs banks pay someone to develop and then force upon their customers.

Are any of them alike? Do I have a about 15 to support because we deal with banks from Australia to Briton to Germany to Chicago? No and yes.

Anyway, the main server the majority of the apps were stored on was replaced last night and the server guys assured. No. They GUARANTEED that there would be no problems.

"It will be a seamless transition."


I really wish I said bullshit to their face because as soon as I got to my desk I saw my voice mail light was on and I had 15 emails saying nothing worked.

Seems someone forgot to copy half of the stuff from 1 server to another and now nothing worked.

Anyway, this is fascinating as hell, so I'll just end my bitching with "6 hours later I had fixed everything and I managed to finish my first coffee of the day."

I'm exhausted and plan on enjoying what's left of this 68 degree day by not looking at another computer until morning.

In the meantime, take the poll for the most popular style on this here diary. Which style do you use and like the most.

It'll be interesting. Take the damn poll!

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