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Sage Francis

So my friend Sage's CD -- Personal Journals -- came out yesterday. It's a real deal intelligent full of metaphor and talent underground hip hop CD. You know, a shrink rapped, production art, inner book nationally released distribution by Revolver USA record label anitcon records kind of CD... that doesn't suck.

After work yesterday, I went to Tom's Tracks, one of the record stores down the street from me and bought a copy because I didn't want to wait until he gets back from tour to try to schwag a copy off of him.

It's really good. I'm not just saying that either... this CD is REALLY good - as in EXCELLENT good.

I opened it up, popped it into my stereo and started looking through the CD jacket and as I turned to the first page what do I find? A poem by another friend, Bill MacMillan, titled "The World's Worst Rapper."

"That's cool."

Then as I kept listening I got to track 7 The Strange Famous Mullet Remover and heard my voice. Sage had taken a recording I gave him a few years ago back in 1999 where I introduced him on stage and made it an intro to a song.

"Very cool."

So now people all over the country will be wondering who the hell is this room mic'd thinned out tinny voiced dood introducing Sage. Well, it's me.

"Nice to meet you."

Anyway, I can highly recommend that anyone who trusts my taste should definitely go out and buy Sage's CD. I mean it. GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW.

Buy it as a personal favor to me.

Buy it or I'm going to stop writing. Forever. No more writing at all unless someone buys it and reports back that they've purchased it.

"But how can we prove we bought it?"

Uhmm... Just tell me how the song Cup of Tea ends. That's how.

I only met Sage in 1998 when he was still in school. He was breaking into the spoken word scene in Providence and shaking things up. That year he made the Providence team that went to Austin.

In 1999 we were on the Providence Slam team together that competed in Chicago, in 2000 he was busy winning Scribble Jam (the contest that helped launched Eminem) so he couldn't slam - then in 2001 he was on tour and missed finals so he couldn't slam at nats then either.

This year he's most likely going to be able to make finals, so hopefully he'll be at the National Poetry Slam with us in Minneapolis.

Anyway, many people besides me, will tell you he's one of the most talented and hard working artists you'll meet. His heart's in the right place, he doesn't smoke, drink, or eat meat and shuns violence, so skip buying a pizza and support a recording artist who doesn't suck.

From what I know he's been rapping since he was 7 or 10 years old or something like that, and well, it's about time this solo album came out.

So buy his CD!

What can I say? I'm excited about this. It makes me feel good that a local artist is getting some National attention.

Anyway, this mild winter has lead to an early spring and about 3 pounds of pollen stuck in my sinuses, so I'm out of here.

So buy his CD!

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