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So sue me.

So I'm supposed to go to Chicago this Thursday through Monday.

So the person who was supposed to take care of getting my tickets and reserve my hotel never did.

So the grant check to pay for all of this never came.

So today is Tuesday.

So I call the foundation that gives me money to do some of these poetry things and they cut the non-profit I belong to a new check and cancel the old one.

So the person who was supposed to take care of getting my tickets, reserve my hotel and cash the check is in the hospital again.

So today is Wednesday.

So by the time I get the check from the foundation. The bank I need to deposit it in is closed.

So there are no other branches of this bank open in all of Rhode Island.

So I have the money now but no way to purchase an air-line ticket because I'm some sort of alternative person who shuns credit cards.

So I can't do a damn thing until at least the day before I'm supposed to leave.

So I'm probably going to have to miss a day of Slammasters.

So I'm stressed out.

So sue me.

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