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I found 472 virus infected files on my computer.

Something like 7 different viruses and a few guestbook cache files with malicious code that moron script kiddies from the Midwest who have too much time on their hands left for me.

"Tell me, are big fonted messages with the words 'your momma sucks' supposed to bother me?"

"Uhhh, between my marathon masturbating sessions it seemed like it would..."

"Ok Joey. Talk to me when you mature. It should be in 2043."

What can I say, I have a low opinion of script kiddies. No skillz I tell you.


Christ, I was wondering why my computer was so slow lately. Then I noticed I must have picked up an email virus because I got an auto message from my work account.

Anyway, I now have virus software again. I finally had to give in and run yet another program in my system tray.


I'm done with Project Management training. Finally. Two days of training teaches you nothing, but it can serve as a reminder of things you already knew.

I feel thoroughly reminded.

Reminded that training to work better faster more efficiently on the cube farm - sucks.

It sucks a little less than the cube farm itself.


While I was in the men’s room at the training center the trainer walked in. He asked me what would I do if I didn't work at the cube farm.

I said, "I'd live on the street because I'm not trained to do anything else."

He said "No, if you could do anything else you wanted. What's your dream."

I said, "I'd have a profession in a world where people couldn't talk to you in the men’s room."

He didn't try and influence me for the rest of the day.

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