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I sold my Jeep today.

This slightly depresses me.

So what if I haven’t driven it since October of 2001? That Jeep was the first car I bought and completely paid off before trading it in and buying a new one. I spent 94 thousand miles on the road in that Jeep.

I’ve had so many things of mine stolen from that Jeep. A stereo, a leather jacket, winter coats, CD’s, cassettes, an entire brief case full of audio cables, the brief case my mother gave me for graduating from College, all the change in the console - twice,

In it I drove to Washington DC and then back up to New York City in a blizzard with my friend Dave Blank sitting beside me grabbing onto the oh shit handle with terror in his eyes – snow falling gently and then… thicker… and then sheer white linen curtains… the sheer look of terror as we slid off the side of the highway and had to dig ourselves out with nothing but a clip board and our bare hands. Until a crazy guy in a pickup truck pulled us out for 20 bucks.

For years that was all we drove. I parked it in front of 6 different places I lived. I moved apartments 4 times in it. A few years before that I cried in it. At my deepest point in these 30 years I found myself driving down the highway in it and for some reason I didn’t die in it. Even though at the time I wanted to. Relationships ended in it. Others started in it. I took my current girlfriend Jen out on our first date in that Jeep. In it we got lost for hours with top down on July 4th when I decided to take a scenic short cut because “I knew where we were” and just what is it about a car that contains so many memories?

It’s was just a car.

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