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Providence Rats

pure white black legs large grey black whiskers salmon-red lipstick eyes large head thick neck stained pale rust from the iron rich canal a long thin tail resonating a deep trumpet - a trash truck on the water

our seasonal flock of three
or four


reaching roofs and basements so far below the surface clawed feet digging dumpster bottoms / black roots pale shoots - green lettuce spaghetti and duck and potato…

pink babies feeding on cockroaches beetles small bits turned to milk

we don't mate for life... by two or three months we court in the winter - swimming synchronicity, screetching, blowing in the walls.. her and my duet

we nest twice before the ice melts - near the bags and cans, dense privacy… plenty of room to take-off…

every year a twenty new nests near a muskrat house a land beaver lodge near a moat of sewer - eight feet across three feet below the man hole

a month she'll sit - i swim nearby, i guard

fluffy pale gray covers our dinner in a day or two they'll flow from her behind

i bring her shoots bits of garbage let it float to the surface - i still eat half of them

five months until i get them too - another week until we all have to go. Providence

a sewer lined with rock

we keep an eye on all the people on the shore…

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Since Feb 2001

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