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King Richard's Faire

I'm really enjoying my net radio station right now. I think the playlist going right now is the one my DJ at the slam I run did.

DJ Lowly is what he goes by.

Jen, myself and her roomate from college -- Carla -- went to King RIchard's fair today.

I ate a giant turkey leg and drank a yard of beer.

My upstairs neighbor -- Tom -- is the King there. He gave us free tickets and at first -- when we got the ticekts -- a bunch of my friends wanted to go, but it ended up just being myself, Jen and Carla, so I had an extra ticket left over.

As we were walking from the parking lot to the fair, I gave the extra ticket to an extra large family. They were really grateful. They thanked me a couple of times.

It seemed weird.

"Why all the thanks?"

Later on Jen told me it cost 22 dollars a ticket.

22 bucks to get in and pay for everything but the puppet shows and an overly packed joust.

"Now I see."

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