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Digital rights are boring

Anyone who reads this needs to go to and let them fax a letter to your congressman.

"Oh jeeze, John's talking politics again."

Well actually I'm talking digital rights. Your digital rights. To understand copyright law, just think of a paperback book.

When you buy that book, you have the right to let a friend borrow that book. You also have the right to make a copy of it in case you lose it. Now apply that same logic to mp3's CD's and DVD's and then think about how hard Hollywood is trying to keep you from doing just that.

The fact that it can now be done easily and without any degradation doesn't matter.

Congress runs on money. Whoever donates gets their bills passed and all the irrelevant media companies who push out lame music bad radio and rehashed recycled movies refuse to change their business model.


Because they'd rather just pay off their congressman through campaign donations instead of figuring out a better way to distribute better products.

I don't have a lot of time for this little entry, so read the article on MSNBC and decide for yourself.

Oh, one last thing. Jen and I are going on vacation this weekend. I'm very excited.

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