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Neither are bad movies.

I'm watching Cocktail. Yes. Cocktail. A movie with a very very short poetry reading in it. I was a junior in High school when this movie came out.

You know... Two bartenders at a busy Manhattan watering hole dream of someday owning their own bars. Their present lives consist of elaborate drink-mixing performances and sleeping with many of the female customers, until a fight over a woman causes the younger bartender to flee to Jamaica...

In Jamaica he finds true love with a vacationing waitress, but blows it when his materialist instincts get the better of him and he takes up with a wealthy, older, New York fashion designer. She brings him back to the city, where he lives as a kept man for a time, but realizing that love will make him happier than money, he seeks out the waitress, and tries to win her back.

Everything from the movie screams high school to me. The sound track, even the socks Tom Cruise wears are total eighties... but I'm still watching.

What do you think? Are trendy movies that came out 13 years ago any better or worse than the stuff that comes out today? Cruise has a line something like: "Not a damn thing any of those professors says means a damn thing out on the real world." Which is true, because all college teaches you is how to learn and how you're going to handle yourself in an environment that's a bit closer to the real world than High School is.

Not that Cocktail is some fountain of philosophy or real world observations. It's an old suck face in the back of the movie theatre because you can't suck face anywhere else because it's the eighties and you live in the suburbs and your parents won't let you have any privacy kind of movie.

Anyway, I'd only reccomend seeing this movie if you want a false view of how people lived in 1989 or if you actually remember 1989 and would like to reminess. Even with the bad slam poem Tom peforms standing on the bar.

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