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Open letter to the elevator talker:

Dear elevator talker,

This time of year in my area of the country the people who work deep inside the cities usually have to walk to work from their cars parked in pay by the day or pay by the month parking lots far far away from your cozy basement luxury SUV garages. Lots that are never near by. After a long walk in the cold and wind when they get on the elevator they're often suffering from a runny nose.

Their runny noses are dripping down their faces. Snot, phlegm, nasal discharge, snoz juice is probably running down the back of their throats. This is why they cough. This is why they sneeze.

This is why pointless conversation in the elevator while the cold pours off of office worker's jackets is dumb. This is why I only reply in grunts before 9 AM.

Honestly, normal New Englanders aren't rude and unfriendly.

We just need a tissue.

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