ęę new old this that ĽĽ am

So far in life

I've found I'm doing just fine eating only chocolates
that are square.


The Providence Poetry Slam is tonight. Zilla McCue is the feature.

Bring a sweater. First 10 people through the door will get either a hot water bottle or we're going to line chairs up in a row and have people use Bernard Dolan as a really long heated seat cushion.

Jared Paul and myself will be providing the hot air.


Itís so cold out Jen has been driving me to work and picking me up afterward.

It now takes me longer to get home by about 10 minutes, but Iím in earlier and thatís good because I switched to summer hours at work.

A bit oxymoronic to have summer hours in this weather, but on some level in some administratorís head it makes sense. I work an extra half hour a day, which ends up being 42.5 hours a week, and I get a free day off a month.

Yes, I work an extra 130 hours a year for 60 hours off, but the extra time Iím here doesnít change much in the grand scheme.

I only get 60 hours off because you can only take 8 summer days in a year. So I figure come September, I'll switch back to normal hours for the fall and I won't be working extra hours for no gain. If I calcuate correctly I'll only be working 82.5 hours extra for 60 hours off.

Can you tell I'm not having a productive day at work yet?

It's good that I'm at work more. Lately Iíd just be home watching inane TV and browsing the Internet.

At work Iím just browsing the Internet, so instead of seeing countless TV ads Iím generally ignoring ineffective web ads.


Iím not sure if itís the lack of walking this week or if itís not smoking forÖ let me checkÖ for the last 61 days, or if itís my new hair cut, but my face looks fatter.

Iím willing to wager itís the hair cut.

ęę new old this that ĽĽ

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