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Poetry Contest, The Failure and a Quiz

Win next to nothing at Gotpoetry's writing exercise contest for the month.


So we finished Bernard Dolan's album. It's a two CD set called the failure. Basically a radio play or a trip hopera type of listen. Think underground Tommy - as in Tommy made in a fallout shelter. Definitly worth buying and listening to. I'll let you know when it's in stores.


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Answer ALL questions and your true being will be revealed.

war is...
A fact of life
Where he should go to die
For them fighter types

In all black.
In whatever's the fashion - that Nazi.
Like the people on Sprockets.
In a dress.
Like a J-Crew or gap model.

The world pass by.
Anything with a Plot.
Dogs humping.
Law & Order
College Basketball.

A stuffed dummy.
Miss Piggy

the 80's...
Were shallow.
Should be brought back.
Were the best days of my life.
Were responsible for most of my current wealth.
Would have been much better if I were alive back then.

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