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Orange is the color of Bull

The Government is trying to scare you.

How blatant do they have to make it? Polls on Iraq are way down, people are protesting, pundits are pointing out that North Korea is much more of a concern than Iraq, France and Germany are all that stands between the U.S. gaining another territory in the Middle East, the President's economic plans are pure - pure help the upper rich smoke - and the solution is to raise the threat level to Orange because of more chatter?

Smoke screen.

Cover up.

Wag the oil can.

Use 9-11 to rule the world.

Threats of cyberware fare are a smoke screen to distract you.

FBI reports of threats to synagogues are bull. Jews are at as much risk as the rest of us.

10,000 people died of murder, car accidents, cancer, and heart attacks on September 10th. Where's the war on poverty? Where's the war on bad driving? Environmental polution causes more deaths than all of terrorism ever has or will. Where's the battle on poluters? Where's our war on obesity? On hormone filled beef? On fast food?

We will be attacked wether we practice racial profiling or not.

A mass biological attack is incredibly difficult. It's been tried already. It's a smoke screen. Don't look behind the curtain, we have to pass the tax cut for your safety.

CNN and MSNBC are national propaganda machines paid by commercials leeching off of frightened people's fears.

The vast majority of cities have only one newspaper now. One newspaper owned by a handful of big businesses who all contribute to the Republican party. Tell me they're not biased.

Fox News doesn't even try to hide the fact it's Ultra Conservative Rupert Murdock's mouthpiece anymore.

Thanks for cutting the budget of Nasa again and again. That worked out well.

Thanks for pulling out of the global warming treaty. We'll all be sorry.

Mr. President, your father owns an oil company. Your vice president was an oil company CEO. Your cabinet is full of ex oil men. Why does no one see through your lies?

The world thinks the U.S. is a nation of dumb fat lazy morons and now it's apparent the government believes it as well.

Take the cheese burger out of your mouth.

Shut off your gas guzzling SUVs.

Get your ass out of that chair and take an active role in being a citizen of the world.

What goes around comes around. The U.S.'s policies have consequences. The environment and economy are more important than our blood lust for cheap gasoline.

Tiny teams of U.N. Inspectors were sent into IRAQ -- a country the size of California -- knowing they would fail. They were sent in to fail. Who is suprised we're attacking?

The president wasn't even elected. He was ruled into office 5 to 4 along political party lines!

How much has changed since 2000? How much more are you willing to see change? How bad does it have to get before you say enough is enough?

You're all afraid.

You're all scared.

You will all be responsible for sitting idle.


It's your right.
It's alright.

Dissention is patriotic.

Blindly following a leader is fascism.

Tell me. What's it like to be cattle?

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