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Kill Whitey

Read this.

I think I'm going to start a movement to teach modern history in schools.

Raise your hand if you learned extensively about Vietnam and recent wars in school?

The conservative blowhards who say anti war protests are treasonous are mindless slaves to a bankrupt ideology. The belief that CNN, MSNBC, and FOX are even handed in their coverage of views is almost as preposterous as the belief that the U.S. is a true democracy.

It's the 10 percent of people in this country with lots of money and power perpetuating that as the cost of U.S. Soldiers lives and many more lives of non U.S. citizens around the world. Hell, only 20 to 30 percent of the populous even votes in presidential elections, but the media doesn't report that. That might wake a few people up.

Fact is, there's little difference between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia - the anesthesia of material distractions are just different.

September 11th didn't change anything. It just frightened the public enough to allow the rich white men in power to screw the country up again for another 30 years. The same thing happened with Pearl Harbor. Before that attack, the U.S. populous was against getting involved in WWII. Afterwards everyone freaked out and said, OK. The difference then was that Japan and Germany wanted to be the only countries controlling the world. The difference now is, IRAQ didn't attack us, Qaida did. Al Qaida isn't in IRAQ. There's no real justification for this war. Preemptive strikes to prevent things that MIGHT happen are not worth the risk of isolating ourselves from the world. It's just a Bush excuse to settle things in the middle east by gaining a major foothold there and spreading our "U.S. democracy" which is pretty bogus because if we were to allow a true democracy in the middle east it would be dominated by Radical Islam. Not as you'll see, a 64 year old exiled ex Iraqi general.

It's all bully policy. The exact opposite of what the world needs from the "most powerful" nation on the plant.

Taking the easy way out isn't power. It isn't moral. Real strength and power requires restraint, patience, and working to bring parties together - not saying "We have the biggest stick. Do as we wish or we'll whack you over the head with it." That's criminal and that's cowardice.

You can hate the President and his policies and still wish the troops all the best. Anyone who tells you different is trying to use this war for their own political purposes - which is exactly what the conservatives and the other mindless consumerist drones of this country will try to say about you.

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