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An open letter to a Nation Afraid

17 months ago, there were a million people in the streets of Tehran Iran demonstrating in FAVOR of the U.S. in support of the U.S. because of 9/11. Billions of people in other nations around the world were on the side of the U.S. - all with us - with the U.S. against terrorism.

Today the exact opposite is true.

Administrations lie.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Propaganda has made 55% of the nation believe so - even though the CIA has found no link whatsoever. There is not a shred of evidence.

Iraq could not develop a nuclear weapon until 2010. The CIA has said so. The reported attempts have all turned out to be false.

Saddam Hussein is a monster.

Unfortunately every reason for this invasion of Iraq has been proven a lie. The entire world is against this war because the reasons for it are based on lies. Anyone who is for this war can only quote propaganda. Quote anything based on a fact and I will listen to your point of view. Otherwise, keep the opinions you've been fed by this administration to yourself. All I have to do is turn on CNN to hear what you have to say.

Before this week, we had never invaded a country without being attacked first. To have done so would have been illegitimate - against what was right - what is meant to do the right thing - against what it used to mean to be American. We have never had a preemptive strike like this to take over a country before - and there was a reason for that - a reason that even losing 2,800 people in New York City could not justify - a reason that the possibility that something worse could someday happen could not justify because to have done so would have been illegitimate.

We have never had a presidential election determined by the Supreme Court before - it was an illegitimate decision decided five republican conservative judges to four liberal democrats. Are you really surprised your "president" is has pushed this illegitimate war upon you?

Do not be blinded by your fear of terrorism.

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Memo to the President: Forgery, Hyperbole, Half-Truth: A Problem

Many of us cut our intelligence teeth during the sixties. We remember the arrogance and flawed thinking that sucked us into the quagmire of Vietnam. The French, it turned out, knew better. And they looked on with wonderment at Washington's misplaced confidence-its single-minded hubris, as it embarked on a venture the French knew from their own experience could only meet a dead end. This was hardly a secret. It was widely known that the French general sent off to survey the possibility of regaining Vietnam for France after World War II reported that the operation would take a half-million troops, and even then it could not be successful.

Nevertheless, President Johnson, heeding the ill-informed advice of civilian leaders of the Pentagon with no experience in war, let himself get drawn in past the point of no return. In the process, he played fast and loose with intelligence to get the Tonkin Gulf resolution through Congress so that he could prosecute the war. To that misguided war he mortgaged his political future, which was in shambles when he found himself unable to extricate himself from the morass.

The Onion is a prophet

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