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NBC is disgusting

MSNBC and NBC are owned wholly and in part by G.E. - a major supplier to the war.

Personally I'm disgusted by their pro war pro conservative recent leanings.

It's not even because of politics either, it's because they think they'll make more money off of ratings. It's because if the war effort is supported and no tough questions are asked, they'll sell more war machinery to the government. It's because if Bush stays in office, big business will gain at the detriment to everyone else.

NBC Fires Peter Arnett Over Iraqi TV Interview
Washington Post - 3 hours ago
American television network NBC said on Monday it had severed its relations with veteran reporter Peter Arnett after he told Iraqi television that the US war plan against Saddam Hussein had failed.

NBC News Fires Arnett Over Iraqi TV Interview New York Times
NBC, MSNBC terminate Arnett MSNBC
National Geographic - Albawaba Middle East News - Guardian - News24 


The Three Faces Of NBC
Washington Post - Mar 25, 2003
... Just before the war, the Microsoft-NBC network dumped liberal Phil Donahue and
hired a number of conservatives, including former House majority leader Dick ...

NBC hopes big investment in news coverage pays off
USA Today - Mar 24, 2003
... NBC's concern about that sensibility, particularly on the eve of war, contributed
to the recent demise of MSNBC's prime-time talk show with Phil Donahue, who ...


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