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I got a promotion at work

I got a promotion at work.

It's not a real promotion. A real promotion would most likely entail... oh... A RAISE? So it's not a real promotion, it's a position promotion. A new thing to do for a new boss at the same old job.

There's a hiring freeze, a raise freeze and the heat is off at my company. It's pretty nerve racking.

It's cold too.

I used to be a senior software developer, but now I'm a senior quality assurance analyst. Basically, I test the work that all the programmers do to make sure they haven't screwed up and their programs don't accidentally transfer all of my company's money to China.

The reason I took the job was because it's an integral part of my department's bureaucracy and if my company does start to do layoffs, I want to be embedded in it's bureaucracy as deep as possible.


Because one of the main purposes of a bureaucracy is to preserve its self. Hopefully I'd be one of the later ones to go.

Speaking of bureaucracy, the Bush spin doctors are whirling like dervishes today. War has two goals. 1) to defeated the enemy, and 2) to win the hearts and minds of the people who's leaders you've just defeated. Why number 2? Because without winning the hearts and minds of the people you end up losing control of the country in the long run.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but we probably don't want another terrible dictator or a fanatical group of religious rulers to ever get control of Iraq.

So the spin doctors are claiming victory and lauding how joyous the Iraqi people are for being liberated. Well folks, there's hundreds of people out cheering. There's people milling around and waiting to see what happens.

If Iraqi's were overjoyed at being liberated. If we had truly already won the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people there would be hundreds of thousands perhaps even a million of people in the streets of Iraq.

Don't buy the hype. Stay vocal so Iraq doesn't turn into Afghanistan, and make the Bush Administration produce the tons and tons of weapons of mass destruction.

Remember those? Wasn't that the original reason we were going after Iraq? First Iraq was sponsoring terrorism, then they to be stopped because they had hidden large stocks, deployed and ready to be used weapons of mass destruction, and then finally the reason became the Iraqi people needed to be liberated.

Large stocks, deployed and ready to be used. That's was the reason folks. Remember?

It's sad that so many American's will never ask these questions. They'll never say... "So what about the nuclear weapons? What about the tons of nerve gas? Why have you switched reasons?"

Bah and stand in line America. Line up at your TV's to get fed your Bush version of the truth. Your wool needs to be sheered.

Yet another apathy sweater has been knitted with war. Too bad it's dyed blood red.

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