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Providence, the Arizona of the North East

They're shooting another movie about Providence again. I saw Matthew Broderick and Alec Baldwin today. Yesterday, I saw a bunch of the crew by the huge church on Prospect street. Alista (sp?) Flockhart was around, but I didn't see her. So was Harrison Ford.

On the backs of the cast/crew director type chairs it says "Providence: The Arizona of the North East!"

Uhmmm. The Arizona of the North East? What the heck is that all about? Wasn't Rhode Island around a bit before Arizona? I'm not sure, but there aren't a lot of cactuses around Providence either.

Lets see...

"Do we have 100 degree heat with no humidity?"

Nope. We have 100% humidity with 90 degrees in August.

"Do we have straight streets arraigned in grids like they do in Phoenix, with long expanses of fields and open road?"

Nope. We do have disorganized suburbs where they cut down the trees so they can then name the street after them.

"Do we have a moderate Republican Senator who isn't afraid to tell the Bush Administration to stick it?"

Actually we have one of those.

"Are we land locked?"

Just with property taxes.

"Do we have drive up windows where you can buy beer?"


"How about people sun tanning in April?"

Today we do.

So ok, perhaps there are a few Arizona like things in Providence, but The Arizona of the North East?

Give me a break.

1. Recent fad I admit to trying:

Veganism. I tried to be Vegan and otherwise cause no harm to the planet whatsoever - unfortunately I could only hold my breath for about 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

2. Favorite Actor and Actress:

My Mom and Dad. That whole "until death do us part", "we really do love each other", and "this has nothing to do with your bed wetting" was really great. Oscar material!

3. Favorite Movie:

O brother where art thou.

4. Greatest Fear:


5. Favorite TV Show:

Red Sox baseball.

6. Favorite Singer/Band:

Allison Kraus

7. If I could only keep one household appliance, it would be:

The cat.

8. Something people would be surprised to know about me:

I truly don't like them.

9. Currently Reading:

The Nation.

10. Favorite Book:


11. Favorite and Least Favorite Food:

Fish and Chips. Split pea soup.

12. Favorite Comfort Food:

Real Chicken Soup. The kind with pieces of real chicken in it, big carrots, celery, a bay leaf, pepper, salt... Real Chicken Soup.

13. Favorite Song:

32 Flavors, Ani Defranco.

14. Favorite Item of Clothing:

The effeminate looking Italian sweater my mother bought for me in Italy.

15. Greatest Achievement:

Surviving my 20's.

16. I can imitate:

A dedicated person with talent.

17. Dream Career:

Farmer with a whole lot of money in the bank.

18. What I Treasure Most:

My dog and cat.

19. First thing I do when I wake up in the morning:

Walk the dog.

20. Last thing I do before I go to bed:

Walk the dog.

21. Most Embarrassing Moment:

Naked hotel closet diving in college.

22. Best Quality:

My selflessness.

23. Worst Quality:

My temper.

24. Biggest Regret:

Choosing to stay in the U.S. instead of going back to Britain.

25. Something that makes me see red:

Hypocrisy. Especially my own.

26. If I could live anywhere, it would be:

New Zealand.

27. Celebrity I'm often mistaken for:

Bob Sagget.

28. What I dislike most about my appearance:

I look like Bob Sagget.

29. Cause I most believe in:

Anything that is against George Bush.

30. If I had one wish:

I would make it so that hunger was never a problem for anyone anywhere ever again. Only when the world is fed will world peace ever occur.

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