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Grease is the word.

Third Grease film 'planned'
John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are to be approached to appear in a third Grease film, say reports.

'Grease' Still the Word at Paramount Reuters
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I saw the movie greece when it was in the drive in theatre. I think my cousin Sharon (Vinny's sister) took me with one of her girlfriends. I was only 6 years old when the movie came out in 1978. To this day I remember bits and pieces of that night.

I remember the car, parts of the movie, waking up back home realizing I fell asleep and missed most of the movie. I don't remember if I was sad about that or not. I have some of the mental imgages still, just not the emotional rememberances.

I guess I shouldn't expect so much after 25 years.

For the record, my dog Georgia is the cutest pawed mamal on the planet. When I sit with her on the couch, she puts her head in my lap, rolls on her back, and lays there until I get up.

I'm buying a pool table cheap from a woman I work with. I'm going to put it in my dining room. I have to do at least one immature thing since Jen and I broke up and damnit, the pool table is it. I'll sell it or give it away in a year once I move out of my uber expensive apartment, but until then I'll be "that guy."

I used to put so much more effort into my writing here.

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