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Why was it that we went to war again? Why did we agree to put so many people in harms way?

A reasonable guess is that by now perhaps 170 American military personnel have died in Iraq. The media has stopped counting and I can't find exact numbers anywhere.

As for the Iraqi military dead, it's impossible to find an estimate. Even antiwar critics have concentrated mainly on civilian casualties. We know the total is in the "thousands," but whether five, ten, or twenty thousand may never be determined. Somewhat more attention has been given to counting those war-related civilian deaths. Several sources, including a carefully reported count in the Los Angeles Times, put the figure in Baghdad at around 1700 and rising. For the nation as a whole, 4000 would probably be a conservative estimate.

I hate death. Every life lost could have made a difference to someone - some where.

What if the roles were turned. What if I died in a war because farm land was as scare as oil. Do you know me? Would you miss me? Would your life be different if I were gone?

Am I that different than someone's father killed by an errant bomb? So much death.

So much death and still the reason given to us over and over again for going to war is yet to be proven.

I checked the news today and this is what I see:

Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil
Guardian - 2 hours ago
Oil was the main reason for military action against Iraq, a leading Whitehouse hawk has claimed, confirming the worst fears of those opposed to the US-led war.

Who Screwed Up? Yahoo News
Hunting Iraq's Weapons Washington Post
FOX News - CNN - RushLimbaugh.com - Financial Times - and 27 related

I've stopped the rhetoric. I've stopped taking sides because politics is applesauce. It's forcing divisions to get votes. There were only so many times I could state my opinion without falling into the trap of pretending I truly know everything about all sides... this helix of consequences that leaders need to deal with...

but still, I can't help but think of all the death.

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