new old this that am

I need an entire sunny day.

The last day I spent outside that wasn't preceded or capped off by the sky letting go of gray dreary showers was beautiful. We rode our bikes towards Barrington. Told each other stories. Tried in vane to stop passing super thong the wonder bicyclist. We smiled, we laughed, we stopped for ice cream.

"Coffee ice cream on a sugar cone."

"Chocolat chip cookie dough."

"Yours is better."

"The way back is all up hill."

"Good thing we ate the ice cream for energy."

Tonight I have a RISCA meeting. I'm on a 5 person jury to award a $6000 grant for a body of poetic work.

I have about 25 chap books worth of poems and have narrowed them down to 5. We have to decide on 3 tonight. It should be "interesting" to see where I stand in comparison to the non performance poets as far as poetic taste goes. I bet I'll be closer than I expected.

In 9 days we leave for Mexico.

Un, dos, tre, quatro!










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