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Tom Green you Suck!

I was walking to work the other day in a Hawaiian shirt because it was Hawaiian shirt day at work and a guy yelled out of his car to me: "Tom Green you Suck!"

That's just too funny.

Tomorrow is the slam and then I have three glorious weeks off from it. I'm planning on just running the 1st Thursday shows for a while and having Bernard and Jared run the 4th Thursday shows. I'm still doing the books and everything, I just won't host the 2nd show of the month. I may even go for a bit each night, I just need a break and the fact that the youth slam night can run over 5 1/2 hours ending at midnight is plain ridiculous. Friday mornings are just too hard. My job is too important to be dead on my feet and practically dieing in my chair after every slam.

One day a month dieing in my chair is ok. Dieing in my chair twice a month is just not acceptable for a work place environment like mine. Not acceptable - just like wearing jeans with a hole in them on jeans day is not acceptable. Just like whapping people's hands with your shoe as they stick their hand in the elevator door crack to get the door to open as the doors are about to finally close after 5 minutes of every elevator rider getting on pressing the close button that does nothing at all instead of just waiting for the next one is not acceptable behavior.

Perhaps if I can focus on the one show per month I'll actually start to enjoy it instead of viewing it as work. Perhaps my new found enthusiasm for the show will translate into a more balanced audience and style of poetics on stage. Perhaps.

Saturday was yoga at the new place... very cool and I enjoyed it a lot. Sunday was Sakonnet Summer and Smoke food and wine tasting. Monday we played tennis in a hail storm and then ate sushi with a spoiled bottle of wine at Tokyo. Yoga last night was hard. So much harder than Saturday. Hard to the point I thought my legs were going to give out. Hard to the point I was pissed off half way through and really... is yoga supposed to piss you off? "No it's not John" Soon after I almost started screaming in class "Who cares about Up Dog! Down Dog! BAD DOG! ALL DOGS ARE BAD!" we moved off of my weak legs and I felt the stress of the day, the spring, the year - roll away with my breath.

I really felt it roll. I'm half serious here. Work was not enjoyable yesterday because I was in a terrible Java programming class and the mood stayed with me until half way through yoga. Some old habits are hard to break.

Others aren't.

My days of drinking heavily and smoking cigarettes and smoking almost everyday are behind me. It hurts too much. I have no desire. I don't miss any of it. I feel closer to the man I was in 1993, 1994 and 1995 - health wise. I feel mentally healthy - mentally even - to the point I can't even remember feeling ten years older than I really was.

I'd like to pinpoint an exact reason, but it's not one point. It's because of a lot of changes. In attitude and in outlook. Decisions I made months ago. Changes in possibilities as well as in facts. I've regained my centrist Dao. My chi has swung closer to the Yin - away from the Yang. My glass is half full. My doughnut hole is a munchkin I don't want to eat because I already had a salad!


"Blah blah blah - shut up and stop trying to put into phancy pantsy words that you're happy. It's not like you don't deserve to be."

Tonight we take care of laundry and errands and getting to bed by 10.

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