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Ouch that was fun.

So I was riding my bike down the side walk yesterday with my right hand on the handlebars and in my left I was holding a bike rack. I'd forgotten it's hard to apply the break one handed because you're off balance. 3.5 seconds later I was in a pile of bicycle and man parts.

Upon standing I found a dime sized piece of skin on my shin peeled down to the subcutaneous tissue hanging there open like a small second mouth screaming "OW! It will be the next day and I still won't have stopped bleeding!"

The scratches on my belly, elbow, leg, chest and hands were all minor, so a few band aids and hydrogen peroxide later we scrapped the idea that required the bike rack and took a bike ride to the Swan Point cemetery where I laid down and died from the pain.

I'm just kidding. It didn't hurt that much. I'm not writing from the grave.

This past weekend I did so many things that I was looking forward to work last night - just so I could get some rest. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade the past few days for anything - even my tumble over the handlebars, but damn did we do a lot.

Shopping, major basement cleaning, electrical rewiring, short dog walking, long dog walking, going out to lunch with her parents, visiting a gallery, break light repair, laundry, shopping, bike riding... it feels like I'm forgetting something. It feels like I'm forgetting 20 things.

20 other incredibly fun things...

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