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Lieutenant, it looks like we're going to be sending troops to Liberia next. Add that African nation to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.

Ky. National Guard Medical Unit Prepares For Overseas Deployment
WAVE, KY - 2 hours ago
... goodbyes Monday morning as more military troops from Kentuckiana prepared for deployment
overseas. The 1163rd Medical Company of the Kentucky National Guard ...

Guard units talk of teaming up
Modesto Bee, CA - 6 hours ago
... The deployment of so many troops has prompted National Guard officials to develop
back-up plans to ensure that they have enough equipment and manpower to meet ...

       California Guard looking for fire help from other states - San Jose Mercury News

They're sending more troops to Liberia, Africa.

Another country has refused to send troops to help alleviate the strain on U.S. troops in Iraq and here's a nice story about being in the guard in Florida. Too bad the formatting of it sucks.

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