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Don't think

Most people don't like thinking about the details in life. Most don't care that the tiny algae in the ocean accounts for 90% of the oxygen we breath or that those thoughts we aren't having are technically the result of brain cells sending chemicals back and forth to each other a million times a second - CHOOSING not to think.

If we look too closely, we find that our lives are governed by mysterious forces that we can barely grasp and hardly believe.

Airplanes fly because we've learned how to manipulate the air around us so we hang in the balance. Cars speed down the highway because we've unconsciously all agreed to not crash into each other because waiting for the state police is not as valuable a use of our time as standing stiff legged through our children's soccer games.

So is it any wonder most people could care less about politics?

Why think about who's best to run a country when you can hardly believe that a country is running at all? Aren't you amazed that the FDA the CDC the FBI, INS DOJ OSHA DHHS and the welfare borough all do what they're supposed to?

Isn't it amazing governments do anything at all?

Aren't you amazed more people aren't punched in the face for being rude?

Why aren't all cars set on fire when they're left out at night with their windows open?

Why is congress making new laws? Who said they have to? Does it say anywhere that congress HAS to make new laws - HAS to change old laws? Who said the old laws were bad? What if all the Senators stayed home after this summer break? What's to stop them?

The same thing that keeps a plane in the air: faith.

Not the faith that physics will continue to obey it's laws, but the faith that people have that physics will continue to obey it's own laws and thus step on that plane after they buy a ticket to Newark.

It's the same as the faith that you'll probably get caught when you break the law.

It's the faith that people and things do what they're supposed to, so you do too.

The problem is that while faith is absolutely necessary it is also altogether impossible.

The problem is absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power.

It's the same as my believing this entry had an end as promising as it's beginning.

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