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Get Bent

After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say "I want to see the manager."

-- William S. Burroughs

I'm struggling a bit with the absurdity of my poetry scene. So many lose sight of what's really important. Its about the community and having a broad wide audience - not winning, losing, having power, or gaining fame by being in charge. So many people getting mad at each other, so many people trying to make a life out of poetry instead of letting poetry reflect the life they have.

A bureaucracy is a self perpetuating artificial organism of bullshit. I wish people would stop bureaucratizing my art form.

I'm looking to spend time with more of my married friends.

I'm hoping to write some poetry soon. It's tough though because it's a scary process for me. It's not like I'm building a model air plane and can work on it only when I feel like... It's a bit consuming. I'm also disillusioned as hell.

I am working a bit on my serial novel on though. Who is Marvin Brown anyway... he's a corporate executive who's in charge of creating death and destruction. Sort of Satan's right hand man.

I'm so glad I quit smoking back in December - 8 months ago. So far I've saved $1,230 by not buying a pack a day. Of course whenever I go to the ATM I have to take out $20, and having that money on me often makes me spend it, so in reality I've saved almost $2,500 if I spent an average of $10 a day.

Most days I eat breakfast at home now instead of at work. How fascinating am I today?

Sunday my new roommate moved in. He's a younger guy from Maine. Nice guy - quiet, clean, and pleasant. I'll finally be able to pay off the last of my bills. Hooray.

I'm bored at work lately. This summer has been slow.

I have little interest in updating lately.

Right now I have to pee.

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