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This weekend...

Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum.

An email I recieved this morning upon returning to work:

From:    R******, Tim
Sent:    Fri 08/29/2003 3:21 PM
To:      Powers, John
Cc:      C*****, MaryJane
Subject: RE: SAS 70 Audit

I just saw you tooling downtown in a
convertible with some attractive
brunette behind the wheel....  I would
prioritize that over this 


I like my boss (I have 5 bosses right now I think... I lose count) I certainly agree with him.

This weekend we bought a 48 inch flat screen HDTV. Not a super thin plasma jobby, but a sweet device none the less. Who can afford five to ten thousand dollars for a TV anyway? Who would really want to spend that much? The good thing is the plasma TVs have brought the price way down on flat screen TVs.

This weekend we went to Trader Joe's and bought eleven hundred items.

This weekend I wired in an outlet and a ceiling light in the basement. Two wall switches, and two more outlets to go.

Chris Fortin came over and played pool.

This weekend the bathroom ceiling fan stopped working.

We walked to RiRa and met our Indian and Irish married friends.

I found out the tub over flow drain leaks like a mother shut yo mouth.

I started to rewire the basment. I got a new outlet and a ceiling light installed in the cat room. Soon I'm going to put in a switch and another ceiling light in the storage room.

This weekend we went for a bike ride. A heavy set girl played chicken with us and wouldn't move over to the 'walkers' side of the path. I won.

I heard from Bernard that he's stepping away from helping me run the slam. Looks like it's down to just me, Jared and Chris Fortin (DJ'ing.) Jay Walker has volunteered to score keep on the first Thursday slams and I appreciate that. Now I have to figure out how the 4th Thursday shows will be working. I enjoyed not being required to be there on the youth night's. Not that I dislike the youth nights, but the break was nice. I'll figure something out.

This weekend I did other things I'm forgetting.

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