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More Paint Stripping

I spent the weekend half watching the Red Sox and fully stripping paint from the kitchen. The middle double windows are done. After 13 hours of applying chemical strip-x paint removing gel fro hell, I had two double window frames, butt and jams down to bare wood.

Paint layer colors encountered were yellow, green, teal, mauve, and a lot of white. I’d guess there were at least 7 layers of paint. I scrapped so much my thumb feels like it’s sprained. I also inhaled so many fumes I passed out Sunday night for three hours on the couch and couldn’t be woken up.

My loved one was gone this weekend so the dogs took the chance to sneak up on the bed and sleep with me all night. They’re not supposed to do that. They slept on my legs. I dreamed of sloshing through mud and woke up with missing feet.

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