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Zork is the feature at this Thursday's Slam

Check Zork out.

I cant believe its July 1st already. It seems like just yesterday there were sadomasochistic clowns on stage at the show. This week we will have more performance art but of a different kind Eric Allen Zork.

Zork is a poet from White Plains NY. He's not a slam poet. He is selling and trading books for poems.

I have his book. I've listened to the CD. It's good. It's great. Its ok. All in different places which is good because it takes a lot to get my going lately.

Come to the slam. Please. I need a few faces I recognise - lest I go away forever.

Nah, I'm not going away. I'll just be sad.

Plus if you're there and you know me, you can remind me to drink more water!

See! It'll be a fun night!

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