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Re: 5 Regular regular columns has 5 regular features now. The newest? It publishes this Monday and then monthly from our very own Ryk McIntyer. Below are all the buttons for the columns. If you go to an article, scroll down and look below the obligatory ad you'll never click on you'll see a spot to copy/paste the code for each.

If you'd like to suggest different catch phrases, feel free. All authors of the columns have obligatory veto.

I am a web programming madman.

Read Chrysanthemum - a serial novel!

Sea Sponge!

Read Bilbio - Other Bible Stories!

It's better than the New Testament!

Read How to Succeed as a Failing Writer!

It's better than success!

Read Got Haiku? - the Regular Column!

Because 17 syllables are over rated!

Read Aisle 9 - the Regular Column!

Because retail has killed lesser men!

(Today's word is Obligatory.)

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