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Nooooo it can't be over!

How can the weekend be over already? Friday night is netflix night, and it was. Saturday we went to the RISD art museum in Providence with baby TJ because the have a nice exhibit of Goodnight Moon artist and author works, including the entire Goodnight Moon room recreated in real 3D life. Art Dog art and installation and that other guy too. TJ loved it. Today we went old furniture shopping. I bought a 5 night stand, brought it home, took it apart, sanded it down, stripped it, glued it up, put it back together, and started to refinish it. A day or two from now it should look richly old and nice... and be much less wobbly. My back hurts, I have heart burn, my being is sad to be leaving my wife and son after such a fun weekend. I should go to sleep and just get on with it. But still, BOO! -John Powers - News for Poets. Place to write.

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