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Open Letter

Can I just point out how earth shatteringly sucky it is for me that you are leaving? You are one of the two best friends I've had in Providence since I moved here in 1998 and now you are moving away? I am not in anyway mad and I totally understand and I am so excited for you, but does it suck? Yes. You are going to have a great adventure. I know it. Since moving here I've been closest to Dave and you. Dave moved away and now you are going to too. You've seen all 6 apartments of mine, been to all of my parties, I've been to most of yours. I've liked some of your girlfriends, hated some of the others. Always tried to keep quiet about it either way. We've gone to cool places. Remember the warehouse in Olneyville that Halloween when I wore the giant slightly inappropriate Afro? How about the Y2K NYE party when I pulled the electrical fuses as the ball dropped on TV? Who was that with you on the porch? You were my best man in my wedding, I loved your speech. You were the first of my friends to hold my son. I'll miss you. Even though I've been so busy with the new baby and getting married and courting my wife and meeting the person who would be my life all while holding down The Job, I've always tried to stay close to my friends. I haven't always succeeded, and I've lost a few along the way, but you and I have always been able to pick up where we left off. I've appreciated that more than I can say. You've been there for me. Thank you. I've already written more than I should, I get misty, I'm emotional, but you know that. You're one of the few. Be safe. Be well. Find what you are looking for. I'm thrilled for your journey; I'm excited for your chance to reinvent yourself, even if it’s just a little, again. I'll keep your plant alive. Say hello to Dave. -John Powers Gotpoetry.com - News for Poets. Place to write.

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