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I had to do work at our jet hangar this morning. I missed the early bird special at the parking garage, so I'm waiting for the bus to bring me back to the main office. There's no way I'll pay 0 for a few hours of parking. I went to the Providence slam last night. My mom babysat. I made it unti two poets of the first round before I turned into a pumpkin (10 PM). It was fine. Not very busy and Corbet Dean was great to hear. For me it was neat to be there and not feel obligated to do anything. Today it is just so nice out. Our garden's cucumbers are little plants, the peas Anne planted are almost ready to be put into rows, I have sprouting brussel sprouts, sunflowers in peat pots, sunflowers in the ground, a few monkey pods I'm going to make houseplants and I just got some raintree seeds in the mail. When Anne gets back its time to plant the winow boxes and get the herb garden going. SPRING IS HERE! -John Powers - News for Poets. Place to write.

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