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Cooked out

I'm a bit rested, so here's the full short recap. Friday was law mowing followed by Tai takeout at our French and french speaking friends house. They have a 3 year old who would whisper ask her father so we could still hear if it was ok to tell us she was wearing white socks. Saturday we cooked out at our house. Good to see a few more friends. Sunday we went to another cookout. This was was on Coventry. Monday Anne marched in the East Greenwich parade for AirForce, we then got a last minute invite from a friend of mine I've known since 1st grade... to, you guessed it, a cookout. We stayed there and then went 1 town over to surprise visit my mom. We then drove home for a last minute cookout at a couple's house we know from baby class. This morning I shat out a steer.

-John Powers

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