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Today a dumpster is being delivered to my driveway. This is the second dumpster I've had in my driveway in a year. This one is so I can clean out my garage. If anyone needs scrap wood, roof antennas, a pool cover (I don't own a pool), or chain link fencing, I'll give you directions to come pick it up this evening. Otherwise the dumpster company will be recycling it all for me. All of this stuff came with the house we bought last year. I also have the last of the brush piles I inherited. Anyone want brush? Old computers? LARGE cardboard boxes? Quickrete? Yesterday after work I mowed my lawn. My weed whacker is out of whacking string. I was in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 10. I feel well, except I'm still having stomach issues. At what point would a normal person go to the doctor? At what point would I? I'd say next week, I'll go. Me and the baby are going to try to go to Bill's Worcester reading on Saturday.

-John Powers

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