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What is going on?!

I don't know what's going on, but another little girl is missing. In early May, a scumbag killed a girl and dumped her body a few blocks from our house in the woods. This morning I found out a girl two miles away never made it to school and has been missing since Monday morning. Awful. You hope she's just hiding somewhere, but... For you with children, is it practical to employ the buddy system with them? Meaning they don't go places alone, but always with a buddy - be it a friend or a trusted adult? Stranger Danger is another problem. You can't teach your kids just to avoid strangers anymore, you have to teach them to trust some people they don't know like police, but not the neighbors they see across the street every day but don't know at all. I've read the safest thing for a child to do if he gets lost is to go up to a woman with children and ask for help.

-John Powers

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