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The Feature + Weekend Recap

Friday night I don't remember. Totally gone. Saturday Anne was in Chicago for the day and the baby and I hung out and pretty much played. I stopped by Ryk and Melissa's house to show Ryk some stuff. Sunday morning I watched the baby again while my wife ran 7 miles (!!!), then we watched the Motorcycle Diarys, then I chopped up a tree that fell in my yard.

Sunday night my feature went swimmingly. Better than I would have hopped actually. Honestly, when Sou first asked me I agreed only because I couldn't think fast enough and come up with an excuse not to. I was like all... "Uhhhhh... Sure! Why not." And then later I was like "Uhhhhh... Oh no. Why?" Then soon after I was like... "Cool! I can do this, again. No problem. Right?" Right. I'm very glad I featured and had a chance to read my newer poems out as a group.

Between the 11 poems in the set I read haiku off of my phone from the Random Haiku Generator I put together. Refresh the page for a new haiku. Feel free to leave good ones as a comment if you're into that sharing thing.

-John Powers

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