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Kansas is flat and a luggage stealer

I got back from Kansas early Saturday morning. I was there for work. Training actually. Pretty good project management stuff, but nothing to elaborate on. Wichita Kansas is flat. The trees are short and I've seen the biggest box store, a Walmart, that I think I'll ever see in my life. I literally could not see one end to the other. A super-sized supermarket plus a superstore cheap crap store in one. I understand the rationale behind it, but it was gross. I saw a AA baseball game and I ate out every night and worked long class hours all day. Other than that I slept. It was a pretty exciting week. Oh, and my bags just arrived, just now, since the airline naturally lost them, so the dogs barked and woke up the baby, who is sick with that hand foot and mouth virus. You know the virus, the one that gives him sores in his mouth so he won't eat and he looks and feels sickly. Good times. Still, I'm glad to be back home.

-John Powers

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