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The weekend was good, busy again but not exausting. Saturday we visited and trawled for Blue Fish. I caught seaweed and a boowee. Bouy? Bouey? I may be having a mini stroke and have lost the ability to spell. Help. Sunday I mowed the lawn and attempted to fix my wife's friend's network. I'll be going back tonight because I'll have to trace cat 5 lines, replace the router, diagnose, baby sit her six year old at the same time (play him a DVD), etc. I'm on the bus and the two talkers are missing today. I wonder if they're having an affair. The old lady who volunteers at the St Francis mission is in front of me. Most days an elderly man with dark glasses gets on at the hospital stop. His name is Jack because the old lady greets him as he sits next to her. He puts his arm around her, hugs her and they kiss. Not extended make out kiss, just a little smooching. The old guys smells incredible. A bad incredible. I'm dreading the moments from now when he'll be sitting directly in front of me, necking with an old lady stinking of B.O. From a distance its romantic and adorable. Right up next to it? Not so much.

-John Powers

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