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Back to work

I finished the last of my six sigma training last friday. Good stuff. I was never a major math geek, but I always appreciated the truth of it. Statistics aint math, but I've always appreciated it for the crazy compas that it is. Friday night my plane full.of.temper.tantrum.toddlers was late and I made it home for 2 am. Saturday morning I had to be back to work for 8:15 am for testing of more network changes. Painfully early. After I made it home from work by 11, I watched TJ the rest of the day while Anne and her friend went to the beach for a much deserved rest. Sunday I napped a lot. 4 hours in 2 increments a lot. In the afternoon Anne and the baby and I went to the beach ourselves. So much fun. TJ loved the waves! Not afraid at all, and here I am now, back on the bus.

-John Powers

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